Music For Brass Ltd

Founded in 1984, music for brass ltd very quickly established itself on the brass band scene as an innovative and progressive publisher. One of its earliest releases, a cornet & euphonium duet of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "All I Ask Of You", put it firmly among the top sellers and it never looked back.

It was the first publishing house to 'computerise' its typesetting and the first to use comb binders on the conductors score. Prior to 1984 most of the music on sale was hand written and poorly presented on paper sizes dating back to the turn of the 19th century. Staples were used to bind the score and conductors struggled to keep their page. mfb ltd changed to the, now common, A4 & A3 size with comb binders on the score. Other publishers quickly followed suit.

Music for Brass Ltd became well known for giving 'unknown' arrangers and composers their first break in published works and can claim such world famous names as Alan Morrison among their early writers. In fact mfb ltd was not only the first publisher to put Alan's work into print it was also the sponsor of Alan's "Cornet Technique - Tuition Video" where Alan admirably demonstrates just how some of their publications should be played.

Under the guise of its parent company - Aceprint - it sponsored the Aceprint Brass Band to some very good wins around the contesting circuit.

Still going strong after more than thirty years they have several pieces of music on the syllabus' of various examining boards.